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Corporate Philosophy

    Development Strategy
    Consolidate the Foundation, Develop the Industry to Realize Innovation and Efficiency

    Business Policy
    The Company’s business policy is: to create quality products and serve the community with professional level

    Quality Policy
    The Company’s quality policy is: to reward the society and serve national defense with leading electronic information technologues and quality information products

    Environmental Policy
    The Company’s environmental policy is: to create green GCI communication and build a harmonious natural environment

    Business Philosophy
    In order to meet new market demands and the development situations, GCI Science & Technology achieves the coexistence and win-win business philosophy by “implemening innovation as the pilot and taking integrity as the cornerstone”, and is oriented to be “an information product and service provider with with strong competitive edge and the relevent electronic product manufacturer by primarly providing overall technical solutions and supporting through production of basic electronic components. ”。
    The Company’s establishes the “direct-to-customer marketing model” by transforming “product-centric” operation to customer-centric operation, constantly updates knowledge and concentrates up on expertises through characteristic operation and standardized management, and strives to improve the technological content and quality of our products and services, so as to meet differentiated needs of different customers.
    The Company will effectively integrate resources and give full play to the overall comprehensive advantages, and will be actively committed to providing superior quality products and services, establishing GCI brand and becoming one of the most famous and most honest companies in the industry by utilizing the features of extensive business coverage, complete product ranges, high popularity in the industry and strong R&D capabilities, so as to provide satisfactory returns for shareholders.

    Corporate Mission
    As GCI people, the power of our endeavor to make arduous efforts is derived from:
    We aim to become the most competitive information product and service provider.——
    Our commitment and integrity implied for customers are to create a win-win communication channel and communication platform;
    Our confidence and perseverance implied for partners are to strive for a broader and long-term cooperation space;
    Our recognition and understanding implied for supplier are to build a mutually beneficial value chain;
    Our expectations and goals implied for shareholders are to return satisfactory income and value;
    Our pursuit and vision implied for employees are provide a platform for self-achievement;
    The needs and responsibilities of our company implied for the society are to establish an ideal modern corporate image.

    Our vision is to grow into an internationally-renowned IT company.——
    As our English name (GCI Science & Technology CO, Ltd), the original intention of “GCI rdquo; is: Guangzhou Communication Institute, we can also explicate its meaning into: Global Communication Incorporation, we want to grow into an internationally-renowned IT company through GCI people’s hard work. &  &
    To achieve this vision, we need to:
    -Constantly update knowledge, concentrate up on expertise, and improve the technological content and quality of our products and services to meet customer needs.
    - Show the “excellence” of the human spirit, and strive to build an ideal standard of living.
    - Fastly and steadily develop our business to achieve economies of scale.
    - Improve efficiency and achieve industry-leading profitability, to enhance the quality of growth.
    - Bring together the most outstanding professional technical and management personnel in the industry to form an efficient team, and provide a broad space for their development and competitive remuneration.
    - Establish GCI brand and become one of the most well-known and most honest companies in the industry, so as to provide satisfactory returns for shareholders.
    - Ensure there will be no discrimination in terms of gender, race, geography and beliefs and provide training, development and opportunity for advancement based on employee's moral characters and abilities within the company.
    The Company’s values are to jointly maintain and insist on the required things through our executive force, including:

    Our entrepreneurial spirit is indomitable.——
    People need to have a little spirit.When we are faced with challenges, changes, stress, accusations, misunderstandings and many other adversities, what supports our bravery and new hope is the “indomitable” spirit. Where there is perseverance, there is a hope. As GCI peope, more importantly, we need to exert ourselves courageously and tackle tough diligently, and to be innovative and competitive.
In fierce market competition, GCI people remain unbeaten by adhering to the “indomitable” enterprise spirit and experience successful career, successful work experience and successful life sentiment. —— “Never giving up” is the soul of GCI culture and the theme of GCI culture, and becomes a dedication, a pursuit, a belief and an ideal of every GCI people, thus each GCI people should have an “indomitable” heart.   we firmly believe: hardwork leads to a sucessful future, arduous efforts will be fruitful. Sun reward attendance!

    Our core culture is high-performance culture.——
    In GCI, the corporate culture we built is performance-oriented.Business performance contains two aspects of benefit and efficiency.Enterprises’ survival value and space can only be obtained through competition and their struggle for survival is efficiency competition in nature, and the objective representation of efficiency is performance.The primary goal of the enterpsise is to achieve a good performance, operation and management of all activities are carried out around this goal, of course, construction of corporate culture is included, which is also performance-oriented.Whether an enterprise can continue to survive and develop lies in the abilities of the internal members in the enterprise to create spiritual and material values, that is, the sustained high-performance behavior of employees.Therefore, our core culture is: high-performance culture.
In GCI, we strive for excellence and refuse mediocrity, which is performance-oriented corporate culture.If the enterprise want to change, whatever reform of the distribution system or business process reengineering, the enterprise needs to take advantage of the performance management system to guide step by step, to promote employee to gradually change their ideas, and only the sense of responsibility and management level of employees keep up with the times, common progress between the enterprise and employees can really be facilitated, so as to ensure evergreen enterprise foundation.
In GCI, the concept that “one has done hard work even if he has not performed meritorious deeds” will gain no foothold. “Hardwork” is not equivalent to “credit”, only “meritorious deeds” will generate performance, and only endevour can create high performance. The market does not believe in tears, emphasis on benefit is an enterprise’s top priority, and only the enterprise which pays attention to benefit all the time can continuously to grow bigger and better in the fierce competition in the market, and can seek greater development together with its staff.

    Our core values (company motto) are pragmatism, innovation, dedication and honor.——
    Pragmatism: is the basis of conduct and a fundamental way of doing things.Pragmatism is seeking practicality and truth.We should not rely on dogma and the superior but facts and truth.Technology research and development, engineering services and operation and management do not allow the slightest bit impetuous and hypocrisy, GCI people should act with integrity and work conscientiously. 
    Innovation: is a sense of pioneering and the motivity of development.Only innovation can create a new situation.We pursue speed and efficiency and focus on the innovation influential to customers and our company.Innovation requires the courage to change, i.e. innovation through denial and transcending in innovation.We should have a forward-looking vision, tolerance to diversity and a self-denial mind, so as to constantly innovate, better ourselves and achieve excess value for ourselves, our company and our customers.
    Dedication: is a gurantee of interests and the cornerstone of power.We should take the responsibility for the interests of the Company, our teams and subordinates.Selfless dedication does not mean that employees should not have a strong sense of self-awareness, self-esteem or lofty ambitions.Selflessness means any decisions and actions in favor of us or our professional development should not hurt others or interfere with completion of the work.Employees must learn to give up personal interests for the overall benefit.
    Honor: is high morale and rejuvenating spirit.The Company’s honor is collectively reflected in values of the staff. “Honor is a moral compass” of personal qualities and behaviors, and is manifestation of a sense of responsibility.Honor is the courage shown at the face of crisis, risks and adversities, firm defendance of the values and principles, and fulfillment of our duties.Honor is a strong sense of responsibility shown in defending the interests of the Company.
“Three principles and eight notes” for our code of conduct——
This code of conduct reflects the basic requirements of GCI’s values, and all employees should be familiarize and comply with it.

Three principles:
   1. Observe the regulations and discipline.
    2. Pay attention to the interests of the whole.
    3. Work collaboratively in a team.

Eight notes:
    1. Identify with GCI’s culture.
    2. Keep in mind the business philosophy.
    3. Clearify the task objectives.
    4. Fulfill our duties.
    5. Follow the service processes.
    6. Maintain team harmony.
    7. Continuously learn and innovate.
    8. Maintain GCI’s image.