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Qualification Certificates

No. Name Class Scope of Application Issuing Agency
1 Certificate of Engineering Design Class Professional Class A Qualifications in the Electronic Communications, Radio and Television Industries (Electronic System Engineering, Wired Communications, Wireless Communications); Special Engineering Design Certificate for Intelligent Building System Design (Class A) Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
2 Engineering Survey Certificate Class A Engineering Survey Certificate (Class A) for Engineering Survey in Engineering Survey Specialty (Limited to Communication Measurements) Ministry of Construction
3 Certificate of Engineering Consulting Class A (electronic, communication and information) planning and consulting, compilation of recommendations, compilation of feasibility reports, engineering design, and engineering supervision National Development and Reform Commission
4 Certificate of Engineering Consulting Qualifications, Building Industry Enterprise Qualification Certificate Class I Class I Professional Contracting of Electronic Engineering, Class I Professional Contracting of Intelligent Building Engineering, Class I Professional Contracting of Telecommunications Engineering Ministry of Construction
5 Certificate for Security Technology Protection System Design, Construction and Maintenance Qualifications (Class A) of Guangdong Province Class I Security technology protection system design, construction and maintenance Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security
6 Computer Information System Integration Qualification Certificate Class I Computer information system integration Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
7 Qualification Certificate for Communications Information Network System Integration Enterprises Class A The Company can undertake the following services around the country: Overall program planning, design, equipment configuration and selection, software development, project implementation, post-project operation guarantee and other services for the basic networks, service networks and supporting networks in all sizes of the communication and information network construction projects. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
8 Qualification Certificate for Engineering Consulting Unit Class D Professional (communication information, electronic) assessment consulting and engineering project management National Development and Reform Commission

Business License Certificate

No. Name Scope of Application Issuing Agency Issuing Date Validity
1 Operation License for Value-added Telecommunications Services Business type: Information service business in the second type of value-added telecom services (excluding fixed network telephone information service and Internet information service); and business coverage (service items): nationwide Ministry of Information Industry April 26, 2013 3 years
2 Network Access Certification for Radio and Television Equipment Receiver decoders for digital cable TV system users State Administration of Radio, Film and Television April 17, 2009 3 years
3 Certificate of Fixed-point Unit for Production of Commercial Cipher Products Development and production of commercial cipher products State Encryption Administration July 4, 2013 3 years
4 Foreign Trade Operator Record-Filing and Registration Form License for foreign trade operation Bureau of Foreign Trade Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipalit August 22, 2013
5 Certificate of the People's Republic of China for Customs Declaration Registration by the Consignee for Import Goods and Consigner for Export Goods License for import and export goods Guangzhou Customs District of the People's Republic of China April 26, 2002 July 31, 2015
6 Qualification Certificate for Contracting Foreign Engineering of the People's Republic of China Contracting of foreign engineering projects suitable for the Company’s strength, scale and performance; and dispatching of labourers overseas required for implementation of the above-mentioned foreign projects. Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province July 30, 2014