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Introduction to Scientific and Technological Achievements
    Since 1978, No.7 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation has made more than 200 scientific and technological achievements in total, of which nearly a hundred achievements reach the international advanced level or are in the domestic leading position, thus No.7 Research Institute has won the national or ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards, wherein about a half of the achievements are developed by the responsible scientific and technological personnel in the current company after being transformed.
    The Company has applied for 42 patents since 2003, including 4 design patents, 15 utility models, and 22 invention patents; and has obtained 21 patented certificates, of which there are 3 design patented certificates, 3 invention patented certificates, and 12 utility model certificates.
    In 2008, the Company had applied for 13 patents, including 1 design patent, 3 utility models, and 9 invention patents.

Municipal-level or Higher-level Identified Scientific and Technological Achievements 
No. Project Name Time of Identification
1 A digitized radiation patrol (reconnaissance) system December 23, 2002
2 Remote-control vehicle anti-theft alarm system July 5, 2003
3 CDMA base station duplexer September 19, 2003
4 Pilot test production of surface-type semiconductor capacitor porcelain and tile December 16, 2003
5 A nuclear-type rescue command shelter (command and control system) Janurary 18, 2005
6 GSK surface-mounted piezoelectric ceramic electro-acoustic components May 31, 2005
7 Boundary current-type oxygen sensor used for automobile November 23, 2005
8 Pilot test and chip-based test of silver films of SrTi03 grain boundary layer capacitors  
9 High precision GPS receiver system inhibiting multipath interference  
10 Linear power amplifier of WCDMA base station May 30, 2006
11 Wireless network resource management system December 20, 2006
12 Boundary current-type oxygen sensor used for automobile December 26, 2006
13 Orgainzaiton and estalishment of the Guangzhou GCI Broadband Access Engineering Research and Development Center Janurary 25, 2007
14 Mobile adhoc network wireless router September 1, 2007
15 Boundary current-type oxygen sensor used for automobile November 5, 2007
16 Research and development of digital TV set-top box Feburary 27, 2008
17 Research and development of a full-color LED video control system June 25, 2008
18 Development and application of the public interaction platform for Guangzhou modern logistics information clusters September 26, 2008
19 Research on the high-corrosion resistant cyanide-free plating process for magnesium-alloy electronic products and auto parts November 7, 2008
Software Copyright
No. Software Name Time of Identification
1 Environmental monitoring information system Janurary 15, 2003
2 Water company operation charging management system [referred to as: water charging system] June 10, 2003
3 GSM remote-control automobile anti-theft alarm software [referred to as: automobile alarm software] June 10, 2003
4 YC-700“YC-700 central platform software for the telemetering, remote signalling and remote-control systems” June 10, 2003
5 A digitized radiation patrol (reconnaissance) system June 10, 2003
6 A digitized radiation patrol (reconnaissance) system controller software [referred to as: YC-2051 controller software] July 30, 2003
7 Engineering materials management system [referred to as: PMMS] May 19, 2005
8 GSM network resource management system [referred to as: GNRM] May 19, 2005
9 CDMA network resource management system [referred to as: CNRM] May 19, 2005
10 Vehicle tracking integrated management system [referred to as: VTIMS] December 22, 2006
11 CDMA radio resource optimization management system [referred to as: CDMA RROMS] December 22, 2006
12 Enterprise-class softswitch system [referred to as: Softswitch] December 22, 2006
13 Integrated network optimization analysis system [referred to as: NAS]  December 22, 2006
14 Website Affiliate System of Saiyou Network [referred to as: Saiyou Network]  December 22, 2006
15 Mobile adhoc network wireless router software [referred to as: adhoc wireless router software] June 26, 2007
16 LED control system [referred to as: control system]  September 4, 2007
17 Integrated leisure-class mobile network game engine system [referred to as: mobile game engine platform] October 22, 2007
18 Fixed-access wireless metropolitan area network base station communication protocol stack and its control software [referred to as: JSMAX-WPM2100] Janurary 21, 2008
19 GCI monitoring and control system software [referred to as: GCI CONTROL] Janurary 15, 2008
20 Public interaction platform software for modern logistics information clusters [referred to as: GZLIP] June 23, 2008
21 Digital TV set-top box software [referred to as: DVB-C control software] June 26, 2007