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Introduction to the Capacity of the Environmental and Reliability Laboratory

    As a public laboratory, the Environmental and Reliability Laboratory of Guangzhou GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is the technical infrastructure for research, development, test and experiment of appropriate technologies, can be used for completing the temperature tests of temperature storage, temperature cycling (shock) and alternating temperature humidity on electrical and electronic products through simulation of the environmental conditions of high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc., and also can be used for completing the environmental tests of salt spray, flushing, shock, impact, vibration, etc.

    Establishment of the environmental and reliability public laboratory aims at making the laboratory reach the leading standards in terms of instruments, equipment and other hardware conditions as well as manpower, management, processes and other software conditions through solid work and accumulation of foundation and by adhering to the tenets of “service, pragmatism and innovation”, so as to improve the Company's overall R&D capabilities and allow the strong technical strength to boost Company's business development.

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