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Development of International / National Industry Standards Hosted / Participated
       GB9410-88 General Technical Specifications for Mobile Communication Antennas (National Standard) 

       GB/T15491GB/T15491 Electrical Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Mobile Communication Diplexers (National Standard) 

       YD/T1059-2000 Antenna Technological Specifications for Mobile Communication System Base Station (Industry Standard) 

       Wireless LAN Series National Standards and Its Extensive Standards (National Standard)

       GB15629.11 (WAPI) (National Standard) 

       Technical Specifications for Wireless Mesh Network (National Standard) -- Developed & Hosted by the Company  

       Technical Specifications for Converging Wireless Control (National Standard) 

       Technical Specifications for Wireless LAN Videophone Terminal (National Standard) 

       Technical Specifications for WAPI Mobile Terminal Device Testing(National Standard) 

       Technical Specifications for Wireless MAN Secure Access (National Standard) -- Developed & Hosted by the Company 

       Control Methods for Identification of Ternary Peer Access (international standard)

       Broadband Wireless Multimedia System Air Interface (National Standard)