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The Company’s Tenet and Concept of Fulfilling Social Responsibilities

    Since its establishment, the Company has always been insisted on the core values of “pragmatism, innovation, dedication and honor ”and the pursuit of “innovation as the pilot and good faith as the cornerstone, to achieve the coexistence and win-win business philosophy”, employees, customers, and takes the responsibility for our employees, investors, customers, shareholders and the society as the Company’s noble mission, to strive to build a harmonious relationship between the the Company and employees, investors, customers, shareholders, communities and the natural environment.


   The Company focuses on building of a modern enterprise system and continuous regulation of the operation of the “General Meeting” of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors, to establish an effective internal management and control system, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders and creditors.

   The Company regards employees as the Company's most valuable resource, and always adhere to the people-centered concept by stimulating everyone's enthusiasm and creativity and providing opportunities and space for sustainable development of employees.。
Customers and stakeholders:

   The Company follows the principles of voluntariness, fairness, compensation for equal value, honesty and credibility, complies with social ethics and business ethics, and accepts supervision by the government and the public.。

Environmental protection:

   The Company regards environmental protection as an important part of corporate sustainable development strategy, and focuses on implementation of corporate environmental responsibility and practicing of environment-friendly and energy-saving development.

Social welfare:

   Acts of kindness and charity and helping the poor and needy are the traditional Chinese virtues; and mutual help and supporting in adversities are a new era of social wind advocated.The Company has been actively involved in various social welfare undertakings to contribute to the society.