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Educational informationization

   Operation mission of GCI Hujiaotong intelligent educational information service platform is that create environment for adolescent health growth, build high-speed, real-time, convenient and safe“informationization bridge” between school and parents.。
Products’ introduction:

1.Hujiaotong intelligent educational information service platform
    GCI“Hujiaotong platform ”utilize mobile communication and internet technology comprehensively to provide real-time, convenient and efficient communicated and interactive service for middle and primary school (kindergarten) and parents of students. It can promote good coordination of family education and school education. It can meet the demand of parents care about children healthy growth and enhance educational implementation effect. Recently 300 good middle and primary school customers in Guangzhou are using this product. Products function and service are in the leading position in domestic market.
Full star level service:

 “Teacher secretary” 7*24 service, communicate, serve and support in any time
 “Teacher assistant”Full-time teacher assistant can communicate with teacher, assist and cooperate with teachers.
  Multiple methods: Multiple communication methods of message, telephone, website and mobile client

Personalized service:

Communication of schools: Teachers send students’ information and activity arrangements to parents.
upervision of leaders: Consulting, advisement and complaining information of parents for school.
Notice within school: Teachers can send notice, teaching task, teaching evaluation, meeting and other information within school.
          Promote standard management of school
Score management: Score statistical management system gets students’ score to send to parents.
Growth record: Record students’ performance in school, and help parents to know children’s all conditions.
Part of application case
 Guangdong Guangya Middle School The Affiliated High School of SCNU   Guangzhou No. 97 Middle School    
Hexingyuan Primary School   Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School Guangzhou No. 6 Middle School

2、Educational internet products ——Mobile book assistant
    Mobile assistant is special education affair steward for middle and primary school. It can provide perfect education affair management service. It can provide the information of school notice, course, local education policy, education hot debate and interacting topics and more educational service information; it can create multi-channel, multi-form public way of school affairs for school. It can close the contact between family and school, and promote the harmony and progress of family and school.

Advanced functions

1.It exists with Hujiaotong information in the same time
  Parents can get message and APP information in the same time.
2.100% information will be got
  After exit from APP, you also can obtain prompting and notice of book assistant, you won’t miss the important thing
3.Exclusive information distributing platform
  It is exclusive background of school, school can set school calendar and syllabus for corresponding class, and send notice.
4.Rich information push format
  Except characters, pictures, text and video can be attached to pushed information.