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WHP national health plan

   GCI Medical Treatment devote himself to provide overall medical informatization solution which is one of national biggest providers of medical treatment informatization products and cloud health value-added service. it formed new layout of medical treatment mobile internet of “terminal + network + content + service ”relying on first mover advantage of cloud computing, mobile internet, internet of things and large data, through breakthrough and innovation of wearable sensor, digital skin, digital neuro, through deployment of regional medical treatment pilots.
Products introduction:

1.Cloud health management and service
    GCI cloud health management and service takes resident health record as the center. Digital health service platform can interact with residents. It connects with electronic medical record of hospital, so residents can organize and manage own health information systematically. Residents can register on internet, order service, and communicate with doctors face to face to obtain personalized medical health guideline and prompting. Residents can inquire qualified doctors and assess quick service. Residents can share health and medical treatment information with their family, doctors or caregiver.

2. Digital hospital solution
   GCI dedicates to provide most suitable digital hospital solution for each customer. The company realized HIS, LIS, PACS etc. modern medical treatment information management system. The company realized one-card system, health record, comprehensive supervise within hospital, comprehensive decision support system and other application modules by carding and integrating hospital business process.。

3.Solution for regional medical treatment informatization based on cloud computing
   GCI solution for regional medical treatment informatization based on cloud computing takes resident health record as the core. It can realize interconnection and interworking and information sharing among regional each medical institutions, public health agency and other business departments by building information security and shared information resource platform. It can promote service interworking, enhance regional medical and health services level and work efficiency. It can enhance dynamic monitoring, macro-control and scientific management ability for implementing condition of medical-sanitary system reform. It can provide timely, correct and overall information support.