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10-year Anniversary Ceremony of the Establishment of GCI (Indonesia)

10th-year Anniversary of the Establishment of PT. GCI (Indonesia)
In this early spring, the 10th-year Anniversary Ceremony of the Establishment of PT. GCI(Indonesia) is held in Jakarta with the presence of GCI’s president Mr. Yang Shaohua and the management.
10 years is a long journey, and is integrated with hard work and contribution from every member of staff.
The ceremony of ice-breaking performed by Mr. Yang and the staff in red  indicates that the people of PT. GCI (Indonesia) pull together and succeeds against all the odds in these ten years. The management and local staff happily share Cake and local traditional ceremonial food.
  After the management’s work report of PT. GCI (Indonesia), GCI’s president Mr. Yangs shows his support and delivers his best wishes to PT. GCI (Indonesia)’s development. It’s hoped that PT. GCI (Indonesia) can keep exploring its development path, seize opportunity with the guidance of national policy of “One Belt and One road”, improve its core competitiveness and build GCI’s brand in international competition in the near future.