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 Opening Ceremony of GCI(CAMBODIA)
On 28th July, GCI COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (CAMBODIA)Co.,Ltd. held its opening ceremony in the newly built office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The management of GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(GCI for short)and SOUTH EAST ASIA TELECOM (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as SEATEL), along with the staff of GCI (CAMBODIA) attended the ceremony . The CEO of GCI, Yang Shaohua and CEO of SEATEL, Han Hanchou delivered their address at the ceremony.
GCI(CAMBODIA ) is founded by GCI and SEATEL, with over 60% of  share held by GCI. It is the third oversea subsidiary of GCI following GCI(INDONESIA) and GCI(MALAYSIA). The establishment of GCI (CAMBODIA) symbolizes that GCI will cooperate with SEATEL to develop ICT market of Cambodia. Now, GCI is expanding its service further in the Southeast Asia.

At the ceremony, Han said that GCI has been an important partner of SEATAL for many years. The establishment of the joint venture marks that the cooperation has already expanded into a new field and risen to a new level. Furthermore, it is the beginning of two strong companies working together to develop the ICT market of Cambodia.

 In Cambodia, the management of GCI also visited SEATEL and its CDC machine room. Through the visit, they got a better understanding of the development of communications industry in Cambodia and the demand of major clients. GCI and SEATEL reach consensus on further cooperation and the development of Cambodian market.